West Florida Genealogical Society
West Florida Genealogical Society

Welcome to the West Florida Genealogical Society!

The West Florida Genealogocial Society (WFGS) is located in historic Pensacola, Florida and has been a vital resource for many people who have researched their ancestors from America's First City and the surrounding areas.
WFGS is hosting several lineage organizations on September 14, 2018, at the West Florida Genealogy Library.  These organizations will be conducting workshops for those interested in applying for membership.  The following organizations will be participating:
  • UDC
  • DAR
  • United Daughters of the War of 1812
  • SAR
  • Mayflower Society
  • Colonial Dames of the 17th Century
  • Southern Dames

Registration is now open to the public!
Click here to download the full flyer and registration form.  
Registration can be paid via PayPal here.

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