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West Florida Genealogical Society

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Barracks at Ft. Barrancas
The West Florida Genealogocial Society (WFGS), a 501(c)(3) organization located in historic Pensacola, Florida, is the largest genealogical society in Northwest Florida. 
WFGS was founded in 1982 to promote knowledge of and stimulate interest in the study of genealogy.
Monthly meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month (except July) at the West Florida Genealogy Library, 5740 N. 9th Ave., Pensacola.  All meetings are open to the general public and include a presentation on genealogical research or relevant history. 

Have you seen the new Genealogy 101 events sponsored by the West Florida Genealogy Branch Library? 
Find them here, or navigate using the WFGS Events link on the menu to the left.
Local history Facebook pages of interest: Lots of photographs of old landmarks and stories from page members. 
Be sure to set a timer when you get on these pages or you'll lose track of time!

December 14, 2019 is Wreaths Across America Day. Join West Florida Genealogical Society and other organizations to place wreaths on graves at Barrancas National Cemetery. Sponsor a wreath at any time through our link:

The West Florida Genealogical Society is a registered Wreaths Across America fundraising group. Your sponsorship through our group's link pays to place wreaths on veterans' graves both at Barrancas National Cemetery and other local cemeteries, and supports our organization financially.
Wreaths on Gravestones
Looking for materials held at the West Florida Genealogy Branch Library? 
Here is a link to instructions on how to use the WFPL Main Catalog Advanced Search function to narrow your search results to materials specific to the Genealogy Branch.
Click here for a link to all the SURNAME FILES currently held in the West Florida Genealogy Branch Library's vertical files.

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