West Florida Genealogical Society
West Florida Genealogical Society

Mission / Purpose

The West Florida Genealogical Society, ia a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Since our founding in 1982, our society has become the largest  genealogical society  in Northwest Florida. 
Per our By-Laws, our purpose is “to promote and stimulate knowledge and interest in the study of genealogy; to provide for exchange of information among members; and to provide educational programs and workshops that will assist our members in their genealogical research.”
To that end, we provide:
  • Monthly meetings for the general membership
  • An annual all-day seminar featuring a nationally known speaker
  • Workshops, and Special Interest Groups which focus on a particular aspect of genealogy
We offer assistance to others in advancing their genealogical education and we continue to pursue additional educational avenues as well. Also, our monthly newsletter provides our members with news and events of the Society and other articles and information of interest.  
Our efforts to provide for our members have also had the added effect of serving the community at large. We have donated funds to local libraries for the purchase of books, materials, and equipment for the purpose of genealogical research.
David and Bert geeking out over new books
WFGS members examining new acquisitions at the West Florida Genealogy Library

Operating Year: January - December 2022

President: Jan Isosaari
Vice President: Debra Kuhl
Treasurer: Denise Mowery
Secretary: Kristina Clever
Board of Directors
Director 2020-2021: Pinkie Drake
Director 2020-2021: Myra Pinney
Director 2020-2021: Allie Warlick
Director 2021-2022: Bert Outlaw
Director 2021-2022: Wilma Shelby
Director 2021-2022: Marie Brown
Acquisitions: Bruce Rova
Audio/Video/Media/Property Mgr: Bert Outlaw
Book Sales: Clint Morgan
Cemeteries: Evan Strohl
Footprints: Denise Mowery
Hospitality: Debra Mowery
Library Liasion: Priscilla Nobles
Membership: David Gonzalez
Newsletter: Debra Mowery
Publicity: Charlotte Schipman
Webmaster: Erin Renfroe
Webmaster: David Gonzalez

Meeting Info

Regular Meetings are held on the first Saturday of the month (except in July) at 10:00 a.m. at the West Florida Genealogy Library (WFGL), 5740 N. 9th Ave., Pensacola, Florida 32504. The WFGL's telephone number is (850) 494-7373.