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Pensacola's Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1905
Saturday, February 5
Pensacola's Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1905  (Meetings)
10:00 am
Marc Ward of Unique Pensacola will present: Pensacola's Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1905.  The history, impact, and preventative measures to fight the epidemic.

Saturday, March 5
Proving Your Ancestry: Is My Husband Really Related to George Washington?  (Meetings)
10:00 am
Using her ongoing research as a case study, Marguerite Scully provides program participants        with illustrative examples of how to verify their ancestry through record search and analysis, as well as how to analyze the records they have already found. The presentation includes a discussion of genealogical obstacles such as the absence or scarcity of critical records, weak records, as well as misinformation and how to reasonably rule that out. Additionally, participants will be introduced to the existence of records at libraries, archives, and courthouses that might be of value to their genealogical research.

Saturday, April 2
The 14th Colony  (Meetings)
10:00 am
Speaker: Michael Bunn.
When thirteen other British colonies revolted in 1775,  West Florida discovered that it had its own role in the drama of revolution, not as player, but as a target.

Saturday, May 7
Dean DeBolt, TBD  (Meetings)
10:00 am

Saturday, June 4
Solving Cold Cases Using Genealogy  (Meetings)
10:00 am
Olivia McCarter, a Junior at South Alabama University, will show how she has successfully used DNA and Forsenic Genealogy to solve Cold Cases.

Saturday, August 6
Creek Wars of 1812  (Meetings)
10:00 am
Michael Bunn sheds light on how the wars led to the forced removal of Native Americans from the region, secured the Gulf South against European powers, facilitated increased migration into the area, furthered the development of slave-based agriculture, and launched the career of Andrew Jackson.

Saturday, September 3
Irish Genealogy: Finding the Pot of Gold in U.S. and Irish Records  (Meetings)
10:00 am
Using her experience researching Irish-American families, Marguerite Scully highlights information that may be obtained in U.S. records about your Irish immigrant ancestor, information often required in order to find your ancestor in Irish records. Ms. Scully describes the civil land divisions and ecclesiastical divisions in Ireland and how these divisions impact Irish genealogical research. She introduces participants to many important Irish records of genealogical significance, focusing on those which may be accessed online. 

Saturday, October 1
Kick-start Your Genealogical Writing One Week at a Time  (Meetings)
10:00 am
Auriette Lindsay will present a useful way to write your family history. Review "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks," see how it works and how to join in.

Saturday, December 3
State of the Society  (Meetings)
10:00 am
Jan Isosaari will address the Society with a report on how we are doing and where we are going.