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Morgan Cemetery
Molino, FL 32577 USA
File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by: Jeffrey M. Morgan, April 2001

Location: Located at the corner of Morgan Cemetery Road and U.S. Hwy 29, 27 miles north of Pensacola, just north of Molino.

History: Originally part of the Morgan family plantation, this area was first used as a burial site by the Morgan Family on Sep 11, 1844 when a drifter named Gilbert Morgan (no relation), who was visiting the family, died and was buried there. Gilbert's grave is no longer visible, leaving John Morgan's to be the oldest surviving grave in the cemetery (1854).

Almost thirty years after the death of John Morgan, community graves were put on the outside of the Morgan section, which is now separately fenced. The earliest marked grave on the outside of the Morgan section is dated 1880.

Currently the cemetery is semi-fenced and very well kept. More than one hundred unmarked graves were found outside the Morgan section during a survey in 1940, however, only 37 unmarked graves could be found in August of 2000.

Some smaller markers that were in the Morgan section of the cemetery in 1989 were no longer to be found. Some grave markers have also been replaced and/or updated.

1) 400 graves are reported to be in the cemetery, however, only    327 are still visible. (8 names included here were not found but were on a previous list done in 1940.)
2) There were 14 unmarked childrens graves and 23 unmarked adult graves.
3) Originally surveyed and compiled in August 2000 by Jeffrey M. Morgan. Last update was in March 2001.