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Pine Barren Cemetery
9888-9958 Century Blvd.
Molino, FL 32577 USA
Directions:  Located on U.S. Hwy 29, 30 miles north of Pensacola on the right side on the road just beyond Pine Barren Creek.

History: When or how the cemetery was started is not know, but the oldest surviving grave is of a "War of 1812" veteran, Luke Townley dated 1826.

The earliest visible grave other than Luke Townley's is 1858, 32 years later.

Current: The cemetery is semi-fenced and very well kept. Only seven unmarked or unreadable graves were found during the MAR 2001 survey. I figure there are many more that have been lost to deterioration, overgrowth, etc.

1) 64 visible graves were found in the cemetery.
2) 7 graves were unmarked or unreadable.
3) Surveyed and compiled in March 2001 by Jeffrey M. Morgan.