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B'nai Israel Cemetery
R and Strong Its.
Pensacola, FL
This Jewish cemetery is located on West Strong St., between Q and R Streets, one block north of Cervantes St., It is in back of the Temple Beth-El Cemetery, which is on Cervantes St. There are two hefty brick pillars at the front gate on Strong St., on which there are marble signs reading "B'nail Israel Cemetery - 1899." 
The members of the WFGS surveyed this cemetery in 1986.
Mr. Abraham Milino, who died on February 8, 1922, is the earliest marked grave found. Abrams, Silverman, and Wellenzik are some of the common names found in this cemetery. 
- Colleen Wragg, Heritage Book Committee, September 2006
- Updated by Evan Strohl, October 2007