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Al Islam Da’Wah Cemetery
1550 Barrancas Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32523 USA
(850) 435-7238
The Al Islam Da’Wah Cemetery is in the Quintette community on the west side of US29. It runs alongside the Williams Family Cemetery and shares a fence line with it. An article in the Pensacola News Journal dated September 7, 1984, reported someone seeing a woman bury an infant in this location, which was most likely the beginning of this cemetery. Since the surname was Hye, the original area was referred to as the Hye Cemetery.
First Burial
Nadia, daughter of Nuzhat and Hassan A. HYE
Aug 22-23 1984

In August 2006 the cemetery was visited by Evan R. Strohl and Gene Presley, at which time it was found to be an active cemetery named Al Islam Da’Wah Cemetery. They surveyed it and the results are listed below. The cemetery is chainlink fenced, about 160' x 190' in size, and mostly grassy. The headstones are lined up in one, east-to-west row, alongside the north fence with the inscriptions facing south. A sign on the fence gate reads:

Bismillah Ir Rahman Ir Raheem
Al Islam Da’Wah Center
1550 Barrancas Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32523-8154
(850) 435-7238

Mr. Robert Williams, owner of the adjacent Williams Family Cemetery, reports that he neither has information about this cemetery nor the Islamic Center. He occasionally digs a grave when the Center requests it, but the Center takes care of all burials.

Directions: Drive north on US29. From Cantonment, drive for 3.2 miles to the Williams Family Cemetery on the left side of US29. The Al Islam Da’Wah Cemetery is alongside.

[T2N-R31W-S33]    GPS N30° 38.955'   W087° 21.095'