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Dry Springs Community Cemetery
4521 Pineville Road
Dry Springs, FL
N30 51.692' W87 34.771'
Beginning in Cantonment at US 29 and C 184, drive North 9.0 miles to SR 97 in Molino and turn Left. Drive NW on SR 97 for 14.7 miles to Arthur Brown Road (CR 99A), turn Left. Drive on CR 99A for 7.1 miles to the end and turn Left on Pineville Road. Continue South 2.7 miles on this dirt/clay road to Dry Springs Community Church and cemetery on the right. This is one of the more isolated spots in the county, and there are no houses within view. Traffic is sparse. Dry Springs Cemetery is a medium-sized community cemetery with more than 360 marked graves, and the names include Flowers, Joiner, Stewart, and Williams. There is a chain link fence surrounding the cemetery, and on the gate, there is a sign which reads "Dry Springs Cemetery - Founded 1876."  There may be some old and unmarked graves here.
The land given for this cemetery was approximately 2 acres, according to Mr. Gibson [Joe Gibson, Pastor at time of survey], though a rough measurement shows the cemetery appears to be about 240' x 240'. The cemetery is cleaned often and is in almost immaculate condition.
- Evan Strohl, October 2007