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First Pentecostal Church of Molino Cemetery
Molino, FL
Drive North from the intersection of US 29 and CR 184 at the traffic signal in Cantonment for 7.9 miles to CR 182 (Molino Rd.) and turn right. Continue on Molino Road to the stop sign at CR 95A. Drive straight across CR 95A, on Molino Rd. to Veazey Lane (about a mile) and turn left on Veazey. You will see the small fenced cemetery immediately on your left.
This cemetery is now connected to the Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle, which is located at 2886 Chance Road, back over on US 29, adjacent to historic Fran's Restaurant. The church itself is about 6.9 miles north of Cantonment. (The original church was located in the open field which now rests between the cemetery and Molino Road, corner of Veazey Lane.)
The sextons listed on the gate are Mr. Kenneth Kennedy and Mr. Buford Lee. This fenced cemetery is about 130' x 160' in size and is kept manicured. A conversation with local resident Mr. George Lee yielded the age of this cemetery as about 1950-52. Land was donated for this cemetery by Mrs. Mabel Ward, who died in 1982 and is buried there. There are two burials in 1956, which are likely the first in this cemetery. Most common surnames are Castleberry, Donaldson, Enfinger, Lee, and Ward. In 2006, this cemetery contained 61 graves; at least 2 are veterans.
-Evan Strohl, September 20, 2006