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First Baptist Church of Beulah Cemetery
5805 Beulah Church Rd.
Pensacola, FL 32526 USA
(850) 944-2143
There are two main ways to get to the cemetery: Travel West on Alt US90 (Nine Mile Road), past C297 and past I-10. Keep going to County Road 99, called Beulah Road. Turn left on Beulah Road and go half a mile to Beulah Church Road: turn right and see cemetery ON THE RIGHT, behind the church.

OR, drive West on US90 out of West Pensacola to County Road 297 (Pine Forest Road), and the Fairgrounds. Now drive West on US90 for another 5.4 miles to County Road 99, Beulah Road. Turn right and go 0.6 miles North to Beulah Church Road---turn left and the cemetery is on the right, behind the church.

There are about 850 graves here, the oldest one dating to about 1873. The cemetery was surveyed by Evan Strohl and Erin Callaway and members of the West Florida Genealogical Society in 1986 and published in Volume 2, Gravestone Registry, Escambia County.  Used with permission of the WFGS Board.