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Last Updated: 22 October 2017
If you have foreign language text documents in need of a translation, this tool can help. Translators of this type can only do a very rough translation and can’t really replace a human translator, but if you just want a quick and dirty translation, then this tool provides an easy way of getting the basic translation you need.
Last Updated: 11 December 2018
This tool aids in figuring out the effect inflation plays on money over time. It bases its calculations using the U.S. Consumer Price Index (CPI). For example, if your grandfather purchased a Ford Model T for $600 back in 1914, what would that sum be in today’s dollars? According to the tool, $600 in 1914 translates into $13,974.76 in 2014 dollars.
Last Updated: 11 December 2018
A broad-based page of resources, from organizing information to helpful links and tools.
Last Updated: 23 September 2019
These tools allow you to figure a variety of date and calendar calculations as well as many other useful calculations.
Last Updated: 11 December 2018
Last Updated: 16 July 2017
The Texas Land Office will translate land grants that are in old Spanish for a fee. According to reports, they will do this even for non-Texas residents and grants. Please report back to the webmaster if you have a different experience.
Last Updated: 1 August 2017
If you need to work with foreign languages that contain odd characters and symbols not represented on standard keyboards, this tool is for you. It displays symbol keyboards onscreen that you can use to create the characters in a text window. Transfer the characters from the window via copy-and-paste it into your document.
Last Updated: 11 December 2018
WorldCat is a global catalog of library collections. It is a great resource for researching just about anything. The tool uses text searches of its massive collection of books, DVDs, CDs and articles. As an added bonus, you can use this website to create source citations in the format you choose. Just look up the resource you are interested in and click on the “Cite/Export” link. The perfectly formatted source citation can be cut and pasted into your work.
Last Updated: 11 December 2018
This tool will help you calculate the birth date of an ancestor when only the death date is known.
Last Updated: 12 July 2017
Need to know what day of the week a date fell on? This tool is for you.
Last Updated: 12 July 2017
If you are using a printed or microfilm index for the censuses from 1880, 1900, 1910, or 1920, you will need the Soundex code for your surname. These censuses do not have indexes like the earlier censuses. Use this page to get the code. (If you are searching an online index, such as the ones on Ancestry or FamilySearch, you will not need the Soundex code.)
Last Updated: 12 July 2017
If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer, click on this link to download a FREE copy of the software needed to read PDF files on this website.
Last Updated: 2 July 2017
EasyNetSites is a web-based application designed to provide needed tools for today’s genealogical, family, and historical societies and organizations. If you can work with a word processor and fill out web forms, you can build a powerful and attractive site.
Last Updated: 24 May 2016